May the 4th Beerfest and 5K Q&A with New Helvetia

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Through powers that can only be explained as “The Force” May the 4th has Star Wars day. This year it also happens to fall during Sacramento Beer Week and to celebrate both New Helvetia is hosting its first-ever May the 4th Beerfest and 5K Fun Run. I caught up with New Helvetia owner and self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd Dave Gull to talk about the event. (Note: shortly after we finished our interview news broke that Chewbacca Peter Mayhew died. Rest in peace and may the force be with you.)

How did the May the 4th Beerfest and 5K Fun Run come about?

We were looking to plug in another big beer week event. We have always done a 5K and Sloppy Moose had to back out this year and since it was falling on May 4th the stars aligned to make it a Star Wars theme. I get to geek out on it. 

Are you a big Star Wars guy?

I’ve always been a fan. We just got back from Orlando and took the kids to Disney, we could see where the Star Wars land is going to go. I can’t wait.

So you have the run but you also have the beer festival, tell me about that. 

That was something we were able to do differently this year to make it into this mini Beerfest. We sort of combined our beer week activities, we tend to do a lot of collaboration brews, we said, ‘OK, why don’t we take all these collaboration brews we’re doing and make that part of the block party/beer fest?’ And we’ll throw a bunch of our other beers on tap at the block party as well. 

But you don’t have to run to get beer, right?

People had the choice to either run or just buy a block party beer fest ticket. At the beerfest they’ll get a diverse selection of beers that include the collaboration with Bike Dog, New Glory, and Titled Mash

With Bike Dog we wanted to do a beer that tastes like beer so we did a West Coast IPA that one is the 9 Block Walk IPA. 

With New Glory, we were having some fun with Kyle Leddy, we pretty talented at the hazies, so we decided to do a hazy double IPA and were called that one Leddy Topper.


Those are both light colored beers but since it’s a Star Wars theme there must be a dark side?

We have a Belgium Quad with Titled Mash. We also have an Imperial Chocolate Porter and an Imperial Stout. That kind of fits the theme.  

You’ve been encouraging people to wear costumes, what would be the best costume to run in?

If someone has the strength and stamina to run as a Wookiee, I’d give big high fives and bear hugs to that runner. But as far as running, I would go with the Queen Amidala outfit when she’s running across the desert. It looks like it was maybe lycra, good running material. 

What would be the worst to run in?

I would think the slave Leia costume would be the worst to run in. I don’t see it offering a lot of support. 

Also, the metal seems like it would chafe. Are you going to run in a costume?

I am going to be ‘Running Vader’. I had to strip it down though; no cape.  

Who’s your favorite Star Wars character then?

I think I have to go with Chewbacca. I think he’s very sarcastic under all of his growls.

Dave Meets Chewbacca at Disney World. Dave is the less hairy one. Courtesy: New Helvetia

So the run starts at noon, the party runs till four. Two food trucks will be there, The Culinerdy Cruzer and Flour Dust Pizza Company, along with the bands Tiny Sounds and Red Dirt Ruckus. Anything else we should know about the event?

It will be a little warm. But then we’ll all be hot and sweaty for the beer fest. 

Can’t wait! (as you can see I’ve been training)

Thank you so much!


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