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Drake’s: The Barn- Behind the Scenes

I was fortunate enough to get a tour behind the scenes of Drake’s: The Barn in West Sacramento with Drake’s Brewing Company owner John Martin. You can read about all the great things you’ll find at the barn in my article at But since there are limited photos in the article I thought I’d

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Fountainhead Brewing Company- Walking the Line

Walking the Line There’s a fine line between mitigating risks and playing it too safe. It’s a line the duo behind Sacramento’s Fountainhead Brewing Company has been walking since they first decided to get into the craft beer business. “We both kept day jobs which was really a struggle,” Daniel Moffatt says.  He and Mark Bojescu opened the brewery

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Behind the Brews: Sactown Union Brewery

Sactown Union Brewery

BREWING COMMUNITY “The line I always use is, ‘I got into for the beer, but I’ve stayed in it for the community’.” When you hear Quinn Gardner, owner of Sactown Union Brewery, say that it might be easy to dismiss as just some marketing jargon. But when you talk to Gardner and his partner and

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Michael Costello: Yolo Brewing Company

In an industrial area in West Sacramento, California, just off one of the busiest ports in the state, sits the region’s Beer-muda triangle. Three unique microbreweries within a few blocks of each other offering some 32 taps featuring beers ranging from traditional IPAs to stouts to English Pub Ales. And sitting right in the middle

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