Sacramento Beer: A Craft History

You can now order your copy of Sacramento Beer: A Craft History through Barnes & Noble at a discounted price. The book comes out one month from today, May 7, and I have a number of book signings planned and the best part there will be beer involved. Be sure to check back here or follow me on social media for upcoming event information.

Click the link to reserve your copy of Sacramento Beer: A Craft History at Barnes & Nobel here or at Amazon here:

About the Book:

Historically speaking, Sacramento benefited from a gold rush, an agricultural boom, and more recently, a brewing renaissance. The region’s craft beer scene exploded from six to more than sixty breweries in about a decade and the roots of that culture stretch back more than a century. Before Prohibition, thousands of acres of local hops supplied brewers across the country. Local farms are once again taking advantage of the temperate climate. In 1958, the University of California, Davis started America’s first brewing science program, producing some of California’s top brewers. Rubicon’s 1989 award-winning IPA was just the beginning of the current, innovative resurgence. Author Justin Chechourka explores the complexities and nuance of this fermenting heritage.

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